About Me

I have been creating art in one form or another ever since I can remember. My father was a creative director for an ad agency in Chicago and he was often given huge expensive art books as Christmas gifts. I remember pouring over those books as a child and I realize now what an impression the large color-plates made on me. I was fortunate enough to have this intimate connection with the works of various artists from Marc Chagall to Andrew Wyeth. I would sometimes try to copy the paintings exactly as I saw them. Edward Hopper was my favorite. I was this little girl in the Midwest painting lighthouses! Years later, after countless hours in the studio as an art major at Drake University and 5 months painting and drawing in Florence, I ended up working in advertising, just like my father. It was exciting at first but after about 5 years I was anxious to return to painting. The paintings here are a sampling of the work I have been doing in various categories.

The Commissions  are a unique collaboration between my client and myself. I am very interested in accommodating the vision my client may have for their custom work of art. Most of these paintings have been created from photos, either that I took or that were provided for me. Many of my commissions are house portraits. Rendering the ideas and images that I know are meaningful to the receiver is truly an inspiration to me. A home that once held so many memories for a family, or a moment in time captured in a portrait of a young girl, these paintings will quite likely be passed down through generations.

The Illustrations require little explanation. All of these are printed pieces and have been used commercially to sell an idea, service or product. I thoroughly enjoy the creative problem solving that can come with illustration.

“En Plein Air” paintings are the most invigorating form of art making for me. The French expression literally means “in the open air” and was advocated by the impressionists. It is the ultimate challenge to paint directly from life.  To capture your subject matter quickly on the spot, dealing with changing light, moving forms and all the atmospheric conditions that accompany being outdoors.  While imperfect, I believe these small quick paintings capture a truth and an energy that is sometimes hard to reproduce otherwise.  I  continually try to add a painting each month to this category of plein air paintings. All are available for sale.

The Figure drawings & paintings give a glimse into work that is done in open studios along with other artists working from a model.  Some are worked out from photographs but mostly these are quick life studies. As it has been for  artists throughout history, the human form is a constant source of inspiration and provides an endless visual challenge with which to practice.

If you see anything here that sparks an idea or if you have any questions, please e-mail me at lynn.allen0304@gmail.com  so we can discuss your project. All of my paintings have been priced under $1,000.00. Prices depend on factors such as size, medium, and subject matter.